Saturday, December 30, 2017

The next generation

While DJ's life continues to flourish, I've found myself in the company of young high school students-my students. I work in a high school where I've had the great good pleasure of finding that we have nothing to fear in this up and coming generation: they are far more accepting of others than any other generation that precedes them, I'd wager.

Interestingly, one of my students is trans. He has been transitioning for a little over a year, I believe. His mother is reluctant to let go of the person she thinks is her daughter and baits her son continuously, likely in an effort to convince him that he is a she.  For years, Bulldog and I wondered at how trans kids whose parents were not accepting managed. It's strange to be on the other side of that question. To see the near daily struggles my student experiences is gut-wrenching and truth be told, I know it could STILL be must worse for him, which is horrible to contemplate.  What I mean is that my student, at least, still has a home to return to; his parents don't beat him, to my knowledge. His dad supports him, but is also battling his own substance abuse issues which makes him far less emotionally available to his son. But he is not homeless and his mother, despite her struggles to accept him, tells him she loves him-for that, I personally, am thankful.

But this young man keeps hanging in there and he's shared with me that our class is a haven of sorts to him.  I was thinking about that this morning-how his classmates tend to circle the wagons around him and another student who is vulnerable due to his autism. I've watched these kids look out for each other and especially for their most vulnerable peers and it warms my heart. I am gratified at being able to witness the inner strength of this young man as he continues his transition and journey to personal peace and happiness; I am equally gratified to witness all that is right and wonderful in witnessing how his peers support him.  These young people give me hope!!


  1. It is very nice to hear that DJ is doing well, it would seem that much has changed for your life as well if you find yourself in this environment, I hope you've found contentment, I sincerely believe that you deserve it.

    I know that none of this is my business (as usual) and perhaps I'm a hypocrite, however, for whatever it may be worth to you, my experience is that more regret than satisfaction is available from getting too involved or too emotionally invested in other people's situations.

    That said, it would certainly be nice to think that this person might have an adult they could trust to simply listen to them without judgment and without the need to fix their "problems" nor tell them how to live.

    Sometimes just the listening part....

    the being heard....

    I hope you're all happy safe and well, happy new year

  2. Thank you- and I agree, learning to simply listen without trying to fix others' problems is a valuable skill and one I've been trying to learn. I try to be that for this young man- I have little real influence otherwise, nor should I. I agree that too much involvement is fraught with risk so I will continue to try to learn to simply support others without overstepping!

    I suspect you are from the land down undah? I hope this finds you well also. Happy New Year my friend.

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