Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Wing nuts in the woodwork

Caitlyn Jenner-welcome!!!  Coming out so publicly takes enormous ovaries and while you may not have been born with ovaries, you clearly have plenty of figurative ovaries.  Yup-I saw the Diane Sawyer interview and I am not sorry to say at all that it was so clear that "Bruce" is female.  I for one could feel it.  I'm aware that there are many people, primarily those whose brains and DNA match, who are  not convinced that a person who has walked the earth for over 60 years could seemingly suddenly "change" genders.  Surprisingly, I have had cyber conversations with people who are transgender, some of whom prefer the term "transsexual," who also are suspicious of a person transitioning so late in life.   It surprised me to hear people who are living the "trans" reality attempt to put others, with similar circumstances as themselves, into a specific category, but it happens.

Why do "trans" and non-"trans" people care about who or when or why a person transitions?  Do we think it somehow undermines our own gender somehow?  Isn't that a bit preposterous?  If I start defining my gender based on those around me, super models, beauty pageant contestants, and the women in the "Real Housewives"  shows will make me feel like I am simply not a woman at all.  If I compare myself with a traditionally "masculine" appearing woman, does that make me feel more feminine?  No…the whole thing is just preposterous.  I don't need to check my panties, or anyone else's, to determine who I am.  Why on earth other people care is beyond me.

This is what I do worry about, however-despite Caitlyn's enormous courage- her public transition, unfortunately, has served to bring out all of the wing nuts from their hide-y holes.  Is this Caitlyn's fault?  Absolutely not.  However, I would be lying if I were to say that as a mom, I do not worry a bit about DJ's exposure to the acrid hatred that is currently showing up on Facebook regarding Ms. Jenner's appearance on Vanity Fair.

DJ has been playing the piano for nearly an hour straight…and the music is not sprightly and happy sounding, so perhaps she has been witness to some display of ugliness, as playing the piano is often an outlet for her.  The likelihood that any ugliness she witnesses is directed at her is slim; there are only a handful of us who know of her past.  But it still must sting.

Her life is wonderful- and I want it to stay that way.  I'd like to hack into the computers of certain alleged  anti-LGBTQ "professional truth teller" bloggers to prevent them from airing their asinine opinions for, well, ever.  But folks like that are like cockroaches…they go into hiding and breed.  It's best to let them come out into the daylight where we can spray the hell out of them with Raid  they can face the consequences of being the horrific creatures they really are by exposing their true selves to the world.

Ms. Jenner-it doesn't matter that you're gorgeous in the photo on Vanity Fair. I just keep thinking how every woman should have at least one moment where she feels great about herself.  Ms. Jenner has waited a long time to openly feel great about herself as a woman. Rock on woman!!!