Sunday, May 6, 2012

Merry Christmas

DJ is such a good sport.  She has been drinking her meals now for two days. Today has been nothing but clear liquids and in recent hours, a drink meant to stimulate her innards so that they expel all their contents very soon.

"I feel some rumbling going on," she said, with a self-conscious giggle.

We reviewed the changes that will be forthcoming and how that will change how she cares for herself.  She's a big girl-she's got this.

We've been doing nothing but watching movies and waiting for the laxatives to do their thing for a couple of hours now.  It's kind of nice to have nothing better to do (although I did just finish up a few hours of work).

DJ says she's a little nervous but not scared.  It's certainly normal to feel scared, but that doesn't mean I WANT her to feel scared, and I'm glad she doesn't, at this point.

"This is like waiting for Christmas", DJ reported to Flying Pig this morning.

"Well, then, Merry Christmas!!", Flying Pig replied.