Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Denmark, are you there?

Wow, this blog had a viewer from Denmark today.  I feel so cosmopolitan knowing that folks from as far away as Russia, and Denmark, Japan and even the US Virgin Islands have viewed this blog.  But the  important question is, how do you, the viewer feel about the blog?  How many of you are transgender?  How many are family members of a transgender person?  How many of you are just curious?

Any of the above are welcome, certainly.  But what I'd like to know is how can this blog be of service to you?  I've been thinking of including more links, but I'm exceedingly technologically challenged.  Nonetheless, I can certainly make an effort, or ask DJ for help.  I can't pretend to have all the answers but certainly we can work together to help each other, right?

I'm also curious, those of you in far off lands, how you manage to learn more than one language, because I am certain that I am not translating this blog to Russian.  I admire your abilities and would love to know of your experiences in your homelands, any and all of you who care to comment.  And please, comment and do so anonymously, if that is your wish.  I am not looking for praise, more for what you are experiencing where you live.  I may borrow some of your input for future blogs.  I get inspired by all kinds of things, but I suspect your lives may be more inspiring than I could ever imagine.  I know DJ inspires me all the time.

So, Denmark, Japan, Russia, Australia, the UK, and all US territories, as well as any other countries who contain a viewer of this blog, thanks for tuning in to my blog.  Keep coming back and share your stories, if you care to.