Friday, August 2, 2013

Beginning the young adult years

So, we are off on our next adventure with DJ.  She is coming up with a more definitive plan for her future.  She spent two weeks with Apple and her family, and now DJ hopes to return there next year and pursue her degree there.  Bulldog and I are quite happy for her and hope her plans come to fruition.

However, DJ is a sprite and a procrastinator, of sorts.  She is a true butterfly in that she may have a strong sense of direction, but sometimes the slightest gust of wind can throw her off course.  And then she gets distracted by some pretty flowers and forgets her way back to her original direction, until prodded.

She will be traveling slightly further from home for her classes this year.  This is a good thing as the post-secondary institution is in a more urban setting than where she is now.  She will be exposed to more cultures and beliefs than in our small town.  This would serve anyone well, but I think it will help her dating situation.

DJ has had a few young men interested in her.  One is still pursuing her, and she merely acts as if she doesn't see his advances as having a romantic connection.  She engaged in a 4 month relationship with a nice young man, and then ended it stating that she really didn't think boys were her cup of tea, after all.  While she was visiting Apple. she crossed paths with a young woman who inspired her to write a fantastic song.

DJ had expressed that she felt attracted to girls to me before.  Once she played this song for Bulldog and me, we came to see that she was sharing with us what her orientation is.  Not that we care.  In fact, I've said this before and I'll say it again:  I believe that if DJ decides to share her history with the person she falls in love with and hopes to spend her life with, the odds are more in her favor of her mate accepting her history if her mate is a woman rather than a man.

Now that many states in America are moving toward allowing gay marriage, and even if DJ resides, someday, in a state that doesn't legally recognize gay marriage, we look forward to a wedding and frankly don't care if there are two brides, or a bride and a groom.  We look forward to her being a mother and our only concern is helping her to that end in any way we can.

Back to my point:  maybe DJ will meet a nice girl that she can hang out with as a friend, or as her date.

Whatever makes her happy :)