Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Aliens, Sushi and Taboo, oh my.

This is what I get for staying up late with my kids watching alien movies and then sleeping in the next morning:  a wicked caffeine withdrawal headache.  But so worth it when I remember the fun we had.

After feeling kinda crummy following my conversation with Romeo, as detailed in yesterday's post, we went to the mall for a few hours to let the kids use their gift cards, grabbed some sushi on the way home, and then followed dinner with a game of Taboo.  Goodwrench's girlfriend joined us this time;  we'll call her Geller, after Monica Geller on the old TV show "Friends" because:  1) she looks like her 2) she's spunky like her  and 3) she has a freaky propensity for organization/neatness that I personally LOVE.  Juliet wasn't with us and she was missed; the rest of us divided into teams.  We avoided the boys vs. girls teams this time because it got too heated when we did that playing the game "Battle of the Sexes."

Taboo is a great game for getting people to come out of their shells.  All of us were somewhat reserved the first few rounds.  After that, it was no holds barred.  DJ's cheeks were pink with her exertions and extortions to try to describe the word we had to guess. The normally reserved Bulldog even became a goofball in spite of painstakingly doing his best for his team.  So much so, that I caught him shoving chopsticks under his lip doing an impression of a walrus. Geller was exasperated with his painstaking-ness because she's a "snap to it" kind of girl, which completely cracks Bulldog up.  Goodwrench is almost always easy come-easy go about almost anything, except politics and PLEASE don't get him started on THAT.  But he had to make fun of Geller because she insisted on using the game cards in an orderly, color coded method.  Romeo was laughing so hard he reminded me of his 5 year old self.  And of course, he prided himself on coming up with our team name.  When Goodwrench, Geller and Bulldog came up with "Team Awesome" for Team A, Romeo came up with "Team Better than You" for Team B, which turned out to be apt because we indeed smoked them 100 to 82.

I had to end the evening watching a happy alien movie because we all are kind of alien freaks around here.  We love talking about conspiracy theories, and UFOs, aliens, the end of the Mayan calender....or is it the Aztecs or the Incas? I can't remember.  Anyway, Goodwrench showed us an alarming YouTube video with an underlying doomsday alien invasion theme that kind of spooked me so we had to watch "Contact" so that I could believe in philanthropic aliens before I went to sleep.

And that's how we ended our evening-DJ putting her ice cold feet in my lap because the warmth of her feet is way more important than my comfort.  Romeo fretting that if I reclined on the sofa I would fall asleep (he hates it when I fall asleep when we're supposed to be watching together), Goodwrench and Geller snuggling on one end of the sofa, and Bulldog hanging in there until he went to bed because he had to get up early the next day.  He's not the big alien freak that the rest of us are, but he is patient with our weirdness. No, it wasn't Christmas day, but I felt very connected to my family and I think they felt connected too.  Never underestimate the power of Aliens, Sushi and Taboo to bring a family together.