Friday, May 4, 2012

Birthday celebration for our girl

DJ is currently working on her last tutoring lesson, here at home, before we leave, very soon, for her gender confirmation surgery.  She finished her research paper and is presently doing some kind of word play/association with her tutor, a local schoolteacher who works specifically with kids like DJ who have medical issues that keep them home.  We will call this fabulous woman Dynamo because she has that kind of personality.  She has become quite important to DJ this past year, and to us, as well.

I finished up everything I can possibly finish up at work.  Yet, I still feel like I've forgotten something, in spite of countless lists.

Bulldog will be home shortly as he ties up loose ends at work, as well.  We have a notary public coming over this afternoon so we can finish our refinance on our home mortgage before we leave.  Talk about coming in  under the wire....

We will celebrate DJ's 17th birthday today.  Per the birthday girl's request, in lieu of cake, we will be having birthday trifle.  She just isn't ready for cake yet, which is perfectly fine.  We'll have some family and friends over tonight for a wicked game of Pictionary and Bulldog, DJ and I will finally be able to relax in the last days at home before we start our journey, both on the road, and figuratively, toward DJ's future.

Then, for a delayed birthday present, when she's all healed up, we will treat her to a session with a wonderful local photographer to have her portrait, complete with curvier figure, taken.  Happy Birthday Young Woman :)