Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One day at a time

The shoe is definitely on the other foot around here.  (I wonder how folks in other countries like my use of idioms.  I had a friend who emigrated from France, and was learning English.  Idioms were fun to her, but she was the kind of person who found everything fun.  Maybe they're just frustrating to other readers whose second language is English.  But since I don't hear from them, I cannot accommodate their wishes!! ; > )

This time last year, DJ was so happy.  We felt like we really had it going on, like we were doing something very right as parents.  Not so much right now however.  Our lovely girl is in a heck of a funk.  She just isn't herself at all.

Bulldog and I don't know what else we can do to help.  In fact, my multiple efforts at "helping" are only getting on DJ's nerves.  I want to take her emotional pulse constantly:

How're you doing?
How was school?
Are you hungry?
Did you sleep well?
Are you just having a bad day?
Did something happen to upset you?

And those are just a sampling of questions that I pose to DJ on any given day.  Often, I repeat the same questions multiple times throughout the day as well.  Sigh....

I should have known it was just too easy, that golden honeymoon period when all of us rolled with whatever came our way.  Now we're rolling like we have a flat tire....flappity, flappity.

I want to write this morning, but I got nothin'.  We need people around us.  When we have people around, we all do a little bit better.  Maybe it's just  the distraction, but hell, I'll take anything.

Bean stayed with DJ last night while I worked and Bulldog was away on business.  I left her sleeping on the couch this morning when I took DJ to school.  I had just stopped for my standard latte when Bean called me, while lying on the floor of my living room.  She's hurt her back (we can thank my father, all 3 of us for our lousy backs) and the pain literally laid her low.  On my return home, she had managed to get to her feet and we spent the next thirty minutes laughing about the terrible positions we have found ourselves in when our backs are acting up. So far, no one has found us naked and in spasm, but I think that day is coming; I just hope it happens to Bean before it happens to me!

So, maybe that is the tiny baby step we make for today.  Try to be around other people.  Get out of the house and do something fun.  Distract ourselves, or indulge ourselves by doing something we love to do.  One day at a time-that's all we have to worry about. Right?

Identical twins-one boy, one trans girl

Good Morning Blog Follower Friends,

My beloved niece, who we'll call Nightingale because she is a nurse to the very sickest of wee ones, shared this link with me.  It's a great story and shows how many families like ours there are out there.  And it cites an excellent hospital/program in Boston that helps transgender kids.  Thanks Nightingale-you are always looking out for the kids who need you, and in so many ways :)