Thursday, January 22, 2015

We shall overcome

It is absolutely glorious that President Obama spoke the "T" word in his State of the Union address, two short days after Martin Luther King, Jr. day.  Glorious!!

Click on the link below for the part of President Obama's speech that mentions treating gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons with dignity.

As the mom of my lovely daughter, DJ, and a sister to Bean, I am grateful and happy that this president, who has been much maligned since he took office, had the gonads to finally say what needs to be said!!!  Here's the kicker:  I watched a video that had real-time polling taking place among Democrats, Republicans and Independent voters. The Democrats approval stayed in the 90th percentile during this portion of his speech, and while the Republican's dropped into the 80th percentile, they were still overwhelmingly positive.  THIS from our conservatives!! That's absolutely wonderful.

So happy for you all, and happy for all of us.

XOXO-The Author

Click on the YouTube video for the entire speech.