Saturday, May 5, 2012

No more close calls please

Romeo and Juliet were on their way to our place this afternoon when they very nearly lost the entire front left wheel of the car.  Hopefully, that will be it for any pre-surgery mishaps because both of them were extremely lucky they were not hurt;  they were traveling on a highway at 55 mph when they heard a sound of metal wrenching and Romeo nearly lost control of the car.  He pulled off the highway and found the wheel turned forty five degrees away from the body of the car.  It seems the mechanics who worked on the brakes last month did not replace ANY of the lugnuts-I think the tow and subsequent repair will be on the house.

Since Juliet's parents are very generous and supportive people, they are picking the two of them up and loaning them their car so the two of them can make it here to see DJ before we leave.

DJ started the morning with a relaxing facial-too bad Bulldog and I can't get one too because we need some relaxation!!  We both are wound up pretty tight today making sure everything is taken care of here at home.

Goodwrench and Gellar were here last night to see DJ and all us girls got pedicures.  DJ is not supposed to have nail polish on her fingers so as not to interfere with monitoring her blood oxygen level during surgery, but her toes are not off limits for grooming.  Pampering is the name of the game whenever possible this week.

I started to get a little "strange" earlier today with worrying about things that are out of my control and Bulldog set me straight;  truthfully, I am a bit anxious about the reality of the possible dangers of surgery so I am trying NOT to dwell on that because I can feel myself starting to crack at the seams when I do.

Mimi and Bean, as well as Bean's spouse, who we will call Saint, as she has lived with and loved Bean for over a decade, were here last night, as was Barbie and Sister Chromatid, and other neighbors and friends, to wish DJ well and to help her celebrate her birthday.  She will be saving her gift cards for post-surgery shopping, about which she is excited, to say the least.  A long-awaited bikini is at the top of her list.

We're almost there....