Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Flying Pig strikes again

We LOVE Flying Pig, once again.  Well, we always love her, but we feel a particular spike in our affection for her since she is one who likes to share knowledge and she has shared two VERY important links that I have added to our resources.  Please check them out. 

It seems Cyndi Lauper has been blazing a trail for GLBTQ youth.  And in true Lauper fashion, one of her causes is called "True Colors" (PERFECT!!!) and the other "Give a Damn" (Equally Perfect!!!).  Both support GLBTQ youth but the first specifically provides resources and housing for young folks whose families have deserted them.  The second  is addressing the political aspect of inequality for GLBTQ people in general.  Please check out the links.  There are supportive messages for those of you who may need it.  You take one look at "Give a damn" and you'll know there are BIG name folks and regular folks who are batting for you and we're swinging hard.

Flying Pig, as always, you are the best!!!

And also, thanks to Anonymous, for sharing a link for those Transgender folks who want an accurate passport.  I added that to the link, as well.  Check it out.

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